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Most old photographs fade or color shift with age no matter how carefully looked after. Take a good look at some of your most cherished family pictures, and you may be shocked to learn that the colors have changed with age. They may now have an orange or red cast masking the other colors. Black and white photos change as well, and can turn yellow with age.
An old photograph allowed to deteriorate this way will only get worse, and in fact, may just fade away over time. The good news is that through the use of modern digital photo restoration methods something can finally be done. 
We all have photos, which were great snapshots of some family member except that the horizon is not straight, or a stranger's head is in the background. It may be a great shot except for a cluttered background. Fixing these faults is now possible. Photo restoration can turn a good snapshot into a restoration photo, worthy of framing.
PHOTO RESTORATION - digital photo restoration service
A typical photo repair or photo enhancement involves fixing or adjusting some or all of the following items to obtain the best possible restored image. All changes are made to a digital copy of the photo to be repaired. The original image is only used to obtain a scanned copy to work with. The original photo is returned unharmed.
Our photograph repair and image repair service fixes and or adjusts:
Color shift -- Fading -- Red eye -- Mildew spots -- Saturation -- Stains -- Spots -- Scratches -- Dust -- Missing areas -- Rips -- Cropping -- Contrast - Sharpness
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